Click on register and fill out your information. You will receive an email with an activation link and a code to enter if the link doesn’t work. You MUST BE 18+ to be part of Profets Plus.

To edit your profile on the website login and click the icon on the upper right corner of the website. You can change your details, profile image and cover image. Images must be smaller than 256mb. You can also delete your account under account settings.

All content on Profets Plus is for community members only. You must create an account and login to view our content or enjoy the app.

You can share any image to your timeline by creating a post under timeline on your profile page. All images must be smaller than 256 mb.

Profets Plus doesn’t allow video uploads. To share a video please upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and copy the link to the video. Then paste the link into a post on your profile timeline. Most websites and other social media posts can be shared this way too.

To join a debate you must login to Profets Plus and Join the Debate group you want to be part of. When debates are scheduled you will receive a notification. Login to Profets Plus and go to your debate group. Click on the debate meeting link in the Debate Group timeline. Even if you are using a phone it’s usually best to choose browser audio.

Debates are moderated and recorded. They will be posted in the Debate Room group later for the community to enjoy. If you do not want to be recorded please do not join debates. You can comment on the topics later in the group when we post the video. If you participate in debates always be respectful of others when sharing your thoughts or you will be kicked out of the debate. Multiple breaches can have your Profets Plus account suspended. We are here to share views and support one another. You must be 18+ to be part of Profets Plus.

We don’t have the option for a fully private profile. But if you click on your picture and go to your profile you can change who sees your last name and your nickname. Also no one can message you unless you have connected with them.

Profets Plus is an open community for 18+ individuals. You can block users if you don’t like their content. If it is something serious please use the report form and let us know about it.

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You can contact us at info@profetsplus.com with any other questions or issues.